Sunday, January 16, 2011


So whats the Push back in the last 24 hours where i might have gotten 4 hours of sleep? Its ok but hell folks you act like i was keeping it from people, cause if i was i would be really bad! I mean really i drop clues when i am drunk and guess what i always say i am going dancing, really who goes Dancing alone and never invites people to go with them? Its not like i plan guys nights out since all my boys are married and no i really dont date and no i dont have "gay" friends really. Matter of fact i just happen to be a big black normal guy really and thats it.
   So today i am going to have lunch in Dupont Circle at Typhoon with my lesbian. Yes i have a lesbian Friend who is an intern at the university of maryland is just someone to relate to on so many levels so we will see what she has to say.

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