Saturday, January 15, 2011

High School

I start in high school where i was an ALL-American Football Player and Wrestler and you know what i was good! Everyday I beat the hell out of someone in the Picture i am the 2nd guy on the bench. I was a Blue chip athlete who had his pick of the world and could have gone to almost any college i chose to, but high school wasn’t great. Matter of Fact I might have been king to the world to a few, but to myself I was alone all the time. I felt like I had no friends. Although everyday people were around me, teachers loved me, and peers hell some loved to hate me. Each day was filled with pain because I would walk down the halls and see kids with groups and "clicks" that they belonged to while I watched from a far.
    All I wanted was to belong I wanted to fit in but I just never could I was to big to be a skater although I loved the music. I was to poor to be prep although they for some reason wanted to hang with me, and I wasn’t black enough to be with the black kids no matter who was my friend. I was left out of birthday parties growing up and cookouts. Notice how I didn’t say Parties! Yea I was that guy going too parties every weekend and most of the time I wasn’t told till the last class of the day on Friday night or late Saturday while at home watching movies. See kids realized I was a guy who could get anything and so I became "TG" or That Guy! TG was the dude who everyone knew but never really called " Friend". I guess like in Pineapple Express the movie where the Drug Dealer never has friends because they just want to buy weed.

   Now don’t get me wrong I had a great time and never would i play the "Poor Fag" Card cause the hell if i was to ever tell anyone about my secret that would kill any chance i ever had to be a political figure. I took my part and made it mine i did everything a kid could do. I wasn’t going to let who i was control me I was going to control it so i set out on a mission to suppress every human emotion I could!

    I was President to the school Choir
Guess who i Am?

    Footballl Player and Division 1A Prospect
Wrestling All - American and State Champion  (Thats me and Cain velasquez  of the UFC as kids)

I even managed to be in School Plays

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  1. Nice writeup, however; you always did have at least one good friend, aka buddy ol' pal, but for some reason our time spent hanging out became limited the older we got.